Researching Gendered Citizenship and Women’s Movements in Multicultural Europe FEMCIT PhD Course and workshop Prague, June 10 – 13, 2008

The first FEMCIT PhD course will be an opportunity for PhD Students and teachers to focus on theoretical and methodological issues which are relevant to the large EU-project FEMCIT – Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: The Impact of Contemporary Women’s movements. FEMCIT is an interdisciplinary programme of research which draws on theory, concepts and methods from a wide range of disciplines. It conceptualizes gendered citizenship broadly: we are researching political, economic, social, ethnic/ religious, sexual/ bodily and intimate citizenship. The aim of this PhD course is to explore how stories of feminisms since the 1960s can be told, and how differences, diversities and conflicts of interests have to be an integral part of those stories. During the course we will address how stories of feminisms intersect with stories of the multicultural and of other diversities, and with stories of “A New Europe”. We will focus on how comparative work seems useful for exploring the different ways these stories unfold and intersect. We welcome applications from students from disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, but expect all students to be working on research which is of some direct relevance to the issues raised by FEMCIT. Our focus during the four days in Prague will be:

 • Researching Women’s Movements and Feminism

 • Researching the Multicultural and Other Diversities

• Doing Comparative Work

•A New Europe?

 The course combines lectures and other forms of presentation by lecturers from within the FEMCIT consortium, with a strong emphasis on participatory engagement by PhD students. There will time to discuss the individual PhD projects, their research contribution and challenges. These discussions will be based on short oral presentations and on papers submitted in advance.

Application for participation in PhD courses should be sent to See more here


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