PhD Funding in Women’s Studies – University of Limerick

UNIVERSITY of LIMERICK ______________________________________________________________ PhD Scholarships (Women’s Studies) College/Division: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Department: Sociology/ Languages and Cultural Studies __________________________________________________________________ Postgraduate Research Opportunities in Women’s Studies at the University of Limerick Women’s Studies at UL is located across disciplines and departments, which makes for a lively interdisciplinary research environment. We currently offer courses at access, certificate, diploma, bachelor and masters degree levels and have a strong PhD programme and postgraduate forum. Existing research specialisations at the University of Limerick include: feminism, diaspora and multiculturalism; feminist literary studies; gender and popular culture, women and migration; women’s history; gender and memory; mobile lives, globalisation and women. Preference will be given to PhD applications in these areas. PhD scholarships include fee remission (at EU level) and a stipend of EUR15,000 per annum for a period of three years based on satisfactory progress. An application form and information for applicants can be obtained from: Niamh Lenahan College of Humanities University of Limerick Ireland Tel: +353-61- 202945

The deadline for applications and all supporting materials is Friday January 18, 2008 For more information on graduate studies at UL see For more information on Women’s Studies at UL see:


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