New Book on Women’s Movements in Post-Communist Countries

“Women’s Movements. Networks and Debates in Post-communist Countries in
the 19th and 20th Centuries”(L’HOMME Schriften, Volume 13)

Edited by Edith Saurer, Margareth Lanzinger and Elisabeth Frysak

Deriving from a research project initiated by the research platform
“Repositioning of Women’s and Gender History in a new European Context”
based at the University of Vienna, this anthology follows the necessity to
broaden the view towards Central-, Eastern- and South Eastern Europe, as
European contexts have changed. By taking stock of current social
situations, constellations of problems and debates this volume offers
documentation and analyses of gender politics and women’s images during
socialism and after its fall. An additional focus lies on the histories of
women’s movements since the ending of the 18th century.

some contributions:

Kristen Ghodsee: “Red Nostalgia? Communism, Women’s Emancipation, and
Economic Transformation in Bulgaria”

Katalin Fabian: “Bridges across the Public-Private Divide. The
Welfare-Related Activism of Hungarian Women after 1989”

Irina Novikova: “History, National Belongings and Women’s Movements in the
Baltic Countries”

Irina Zherebkin: “Flow We Solve Woman’s Issue” or Performative Gender in
the former USSR”

Roxana Cheschebec: “Towards a Romanian Women’s Movement. An Organizational
History (1880s-1940)”

Margaret McFadden: “A Radical Exchange: Rosika Schwimmer, Emma Goldmann,
Hella Wuolijoki and Red-White Struggles for Women”

you will find both comments by women’s and gender historians as well as
detailed information on the volume here:

Research Platform Repositioning of Women’s and Gender History,
Journal L’HOMME


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