Call for Ideas – Weave Conference 2009 (Holland)

WeAVE (a Network for European gender studies students, postgraduate students, PhDs, post-doc researchers, junior teachers or anyone else interested in this field of study) is planning to organise a one day Student Conference, the 3 rd June 2009, in the frame of the 7th European Feminist Research Conference “Gendered Cultures at the Crossroads of Imagination, Knowledge and Politics” organised by the Thematic Network for European Women’s Studies, ATHENA3, the 4-7 June 2009 in Utrecht (the Netherlands).

In order to build an alternative conference that really answers students’ expectations, concerns and aspirations, the WeAVE organising team wishes to make a large call for ideas and suggestions concerning, as well the content, as the form of the conference.

·         So, if you would set an agenda for a student conference, what would “the must topic” be? What do you think we need to discuss during this conference?

·         And how would an alternative conference look like? What type of actions should it contain? How should it be organised?

·         How can a conference empower you as a student?

Set your imagination free and send us your ideas at :

For more information on WeAVE, please, visit our website:

For more information on ATHENA3 :


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