Feminist Foremothers Project USA

For a project honoring “women who fought for women’s rights, freedom, and
dignity” in the US we are seeking names and brief biographies of Native
American, Chicana/Latina, Asian American women and Lesbian/Bi/Trans women
who dedicated their lives (or a signifcant period of their lives)to this
struggle in the United States PRIOR to the emergence of the women’s
liberation movement of the 1960’s. We define the struggle for women’s
rights, freedom and dignity very broadly to include more than the struggle
for suffrage or legal change–for example, we include union organizers,
cultural workers, women’s health advocates, social welfare
reformers,educators so long as they focused their attention and energies
on women and their issues. We have a good representation of Black women
among our honorees; however, women from the above groups are not
adequately represented. We will be very grateful for suggestions that
include a name and where we might find information about the person.

Johanna Brenner, Professor
Sociology/Women’s Studies
Portland State University



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