Women’s Freedom League Event at Women’s Library

In celebration of the 2007 Archives Awareness Campaign, and the centenary of the founding of the Women’s Freedom League, The Women’s Library is delighted to announce:

Dare to be Free! The Women’s Freedom League 1907-1961
Saturday 22 September 2007
Free, but booking essential, as places are limited

A hundred years ago, the Women’s Freedom League was founded by a
break-away group of WSPU suffragettes in protest against the ‘autocracy’
of the Pankhursts.

As a non-violent militant group, their campaigning methods included
pickets, plays and processions, caravan tours, tax resistance, and a
boycott of the census.

Once the vote was won, they continued to campaign on women’s issues for
over forty years.

Join us in the Reading Room for a special chance to discover the
League’s campaigns, reflect on its legacy, and explore its fascinating
archives through original historical material including badges, leaflets
and personal diaries.

To book, call 020 7320 2222 or email moreinfo@thewomenslibrary.ac.uk


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