This website was created by a collective of postgraduate students researching and/or passionate about the history of feminism. We want it to be a meeting and debating space for everyone interested in celebrating, exploring and debating the history of feminism. The Network is convened by Signy Gutnick Allen and Sarah Crook, who are PhD candidates in the History department at Queen Mary, University of London.

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Incidentally, if you live anywhere else in the world and would like to have a page on this site to publicise your own history of feminism seminar, please let us know by contacting Sarah Crook and Signy Gutnick Allen at history.feminism@googlemail.com, or by tweeting @SarahRoseCrook.


Want to circulate a call for papers? Want to publicise a website or book? Looking for someone working on similar issues? Want to start a seminar or reading group on the history of feminism in your university/town? Planning a field trip in a foreign country and looking for contacts? Have a query about a little-known suffragette?

Send your message to Sarah Crook and Signy Gutnick Allen at history.feminism@googlemail.com and we will post it on your behalf on the site, and to our mailing list. Please send your message as text, and in a form that can be easily posted to the list, as we are unable to forward PDFs, images or other attachments.

The Raphael Samuel History Centre

The HFN works closely with the Raphael Samuel History Centre.

The Raphael Samuel History Centre is a research and educational centre devoted to encouraging the widest possible participation in historical research and debate. The RSHC has a large programme of research, teaching, and public events. We work with universities, museums, libraries, and schools, to create new forums for historical education and discussion. The Raphael Samuel History Centre is a four-way partnership between the University of East London (UEL), Birkbeck, University of London, Queen Mary, University of London and the Bishopsgate Institute.

See: http://www.raphael-samuel.org.uk/

Please note that the HoF Network is taking a break while Sarah and Signy finish their PhDs. It will be back!